Free Podcasts Videos Online

Anyone can easily find free pod casts videos online. There are numerous directories online that can help you find feeds to subscribe to, or you may find a feed that is available from a site you enjoy. After looking through the directories and finding a feed you want to download, subscribe to it using one of the many free pod casting clients available. The pod casting client will automatically download a small file called an RSS file, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS file tells when there is a new file, in this case a video, to download. Depending on your client, the program will notify you or maybe even download it automatically. Once the file is on your computer, you will be free to listen to it any time it is convenient.

Soon you will be on your way to downloading some of the free pod casting videos available online. Feeds are available that publish on almost every topic, from independent news shows to experimental videos, to scientific information. Some colleges and universities even pod casts their most popular lectures so that students will have a chance to watch and review from the comfort of their computer chair.

With the rise of pod casting, many individuals and organizations are finding that pod casting is a great way to distribute information, from music and comedy shows to talk shows, even pod casts news. C-NET is one of the groups that is distributing a news pod cast. C-NET, being an online technology site, naturally found a niche distributing a tech news related pod casts. C-NET recent pod casts covered such topics as viruses that attack cell phones, problems with Google software, China web restrictions and the Great Firewall of China, and the FTC attack on spyware. These news items were distributed in a sound file called an mp3 file that is downloadable to a listener computer for listening whenever they wish.

While these files were available straight from C-NET site, the majority of them are shared through the use of an RSS file. An RSS file is a small piece of XML coding that is downloadable by programs designed to read it. These programs are called pod cast clients, and the user can input the address of the RSS files that hold the information on the feed. The feed will contain links to the media files of the pod cast, and will download the new updates automatically.

There are many pod cast software programs available to use. Many of them are even free. Because of the decentralized, geek adopted nature of pod casting, a wide variety of programs are available, from large programs with a big footprint that do many different jobs to tiny little software packages that do the bare minimum. A package is available for pod cast subscribers of almost any type, and more are being created everyday.

While some pod cast software is designed for home user computers, much of it is designed to be used online. There are many packages created so that feed subscribers can view and they enjoy from within a web browser. These software packages contain both the feed reader like the home user software does, but usually also incorporate a way to view or listen online from inside the browser. Much of this software is used at the pod casting directories that maintain listings.

There are many online music pod casts RSS feeds to choose from your computer []. For many of the feed producers, is a way to distribute music that otherwise would not be able to reach an audience. These musicians are able to build a following and share their work from outside of a music culture that tends to keep out more niche groups. Because the music industry is oriented towards mass distribution and marketing, musicians and groups that are not believed to command such widespread fan base are kept out of the market.

These musicians may, after growing a fan base who enjoys their music, parlay that popularity into music contracts within the industry. By proving that they can support a passionate audience even with their own meager efforts, a company can sometimes be convinced of the music viability on a larger stage. By proving that the musicians can support a dedicated audience and can keep producing quality work, the group or individual has a better chance of successfully getting a contract while maintaining their independent style.