Embed Music Video Playlists For a Cooler Website

If you have a website that talks about the latest and hippest hits today, you should never leave it with the gossips and updates alone. Instead, put up some music video playlists and make your website livelier and more interesting. You would be able to make all of your visitors to stay at your page for a long time especially if you can include the latest hits video playlists aside from the classic favorites. It would let them watch the music videos one after another without the need even for the smallest effort of lifting their finger.

Embedding the latest hits video playlists would increase your chances of having a new visitor every hour or even every minute. Most of the search engines today prioritize websites that have embedded videos in its results list. This is because many web surfers today prefer to spend their free time watching various music video playlists next to playing different available games online.

And once the visitor saw that you have other more playlists of their favorite band or artists, they would surely spend more time in your page as they watch it from beginning to the end. They would be tempted to watch the next video since it would start automatically. They would just see what's next on the list from the record that you made in your site.

The more visitors that come to your website the bigger are your chances of getting a higher ranking with the search engines. Aside from that, by the time that these search engines see how much time each visitor spend on the pages of your website, your page ranking will be a part of top results in just a week or so.

This would be like gaining more traffic to the site without the need for plug-ins or any program that you can get for a few bucks.