Buy PSP Videos Online - Sizzling Tips

Your PSP isn't just for games. Part of its popularity is because you can also listen to music or watch videos. Not to mention, you can download movies online or shop online and have the actual, physical movie sent to you. If you are the impatient type, having the ability to instantly download a video is probably your best option.

MP4 files is the format for PSP videos. However, not all videos come in that format automatically. If you download another format or want to copy off an existing DVD, you'll need a DVD Ripper or video converter software to convert the movie files to the correct format for PSP video. With the right software, you can turn just about any video into a PSP video. Converting files takes time, though, so you will want to make sure that you can download the correct format whenever possible.

For anyone planning on downloading a large number of PSP videos, it´s a good idea to join a subscription website where you can simply grab as many videos as you want in a payment period. These will be in the perfect format and you will probably have thousands of videos to choose from, depending on the website that you choose. This can be a huge advantage over buying original games, since just one will often cost the same as an entire month or even a year on a subscription website.

Since these downloads will end up on your computer, the next step to pass them to your PSP. This part is where you need to know what to do, step by step, since it is a bit more complicated than simply copy and paste! Follow the steps below to correctly transfer your video files and make them readable on your gaming device. Very quickly, you´ll be watching PSP videos!

1. First use the USB cable to connect your PSP to the computer. When you see a popup window asking what you want to do, choose to open the folder. You could also do this manually by clicking on My PC and finding the PSP memory card. This will get you into the memory card that is installed in your PSP, which can be switched out later, if you want.

2. The next step is very important. You need to create a file called MP_ROOT. This should be created directly on the memory card, since it is where the PSP videos will go.

3. Once inside the MP_ROOT file, create another file called 100MNV01.

4. Now you can copy and paste the video file into the 100MNV01 file folder and the PSP should now be able to access and play the video without any problems. Just repeat the process for any other PSP videos that you want to watch.

Keep your videos on memory cards, or you just save them on your computer and transfer them over whenever you want to watch them. For your favorite flicks that you watch over and over again, you might want to put them on a certain memory card. It is often best to dedicate one or two memory cards specifically to the preservation of the movies that you are interested in seeing more than once.

Keep your computer and PSP safe from viruses and spyware by avoiding downloads from freebie sites where the files tend to be infected. Those sites really are too good to be true and you are better off paying a bit for a PSP video in order to ensure the safety of your computer. The majority of subscription sites have very reasonable fees and are offer a huge range of movies to choose from.