How to Find Good Music Recommendations Online

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In particular, supporters of modernizatiLet's face it, pop music played on the radio is getting trashier and trashier, and the lyrics lazier and lazier. Popular music played on the radio is easy to find in your local Virgin Mega store. You can also generally find some old classics, albeit mostly greatest hits compilations, in these large high street chains. But how do you find out about alternatives to the mass produced pop? There is, of course, still good music around, it's just a question of knowing how to find out about these artists in the first place.

Back in the day, the way music buffs used to find out about good music, was through hanging out at record stores, on moth-eaten sofas, whilst talking to other music enthusiasts and asking the owner to give some recommendations a whirl, right there on the stores' record player. Nowadays however, try asking the staff at one of the music megastores to play a record, that you want to hear, to the whole store, and you might, at best receive a bemused look! Ok, there are those headphone stations where you can sample the latest releases - but more often than not the tunes selected for these stations are not the rare musical gems that the music enthusiast is looking for.

Although we may have lost the culture of going and spending a day down at the record store, the discovery of good new music can still be exciting. And nowadays we don't have to rely on the knowledge of a couple of friends, but rather we have online sites which can recommend endless groups and songs based on your specifications of the type of music that you like or are looking for.

The two music recommendation sites which I consider the best available right now are "" and "". allows you to type in the name of an artist you like, and it will play a continuous stream of similar music. You can skip any track which you don't like. It also gives comprehensive information about endless different artists from the mainstream to the alternative, as well as opinions from users about particular tracks, and has an online community which you can join to meet people with similar music tastes. is free in the USA, UK and Germany, but costs $3 in all other countries. Grooveshark, which has become popular since 2009, also provides a radio recommendation system for free. The difference between Grooveshark and is that on "Grooveshark" it is the users which have uploaded the tracks, whereas the company has its own music database; and on "Grooveshark" you can replay tracks and play whichever part of a track you want, as opposed to not being able to control this on Grooveshark is free with adverts, or you can pay a subscription of $3 to remove banner ads.

Another method for finding good music in a certain genre or category, is to use "Amazon Listmania!". Go to the listmania page ( and type in the type of music that you are interested in in the search box, such as "indie music", "folk music" or "alternative hip hop", and you will be able to find top ten lists written by amazon users on these subjects. Whilst browsing a list, you are able to see the overall rank of amazon reviews (from 1 star to 5 star) given by people that have bought the music contained within the list. You can then click onto the mp3/CD/record and read the reviews in full. You can also play samples of most, but not all, of the music on amazon.

Another way to find out about music you might like, is through Facebook. Don't worry, I am not suggesting that you join one of these annoying applications, where you have to tick a box allowing them access to all of your personal Facebook information. All you have to do is use the basics of Facebook, and have friends on there! Often you will have friends that have similar music tastes to yours, and will notice that it is more and more common for people to post links to "YouTube" music videos that they like. You can click play, right there on the newsfeed of Facebook to see if you like what they have posted.

If you already have a music artist in mind which you like, but are unsure on what songs are the most popular, you can search for the artist on iTunes and look at the popularity bar for each song, or you can search for them on YouTube, and see which videos by that artist are being watched the most. YouTube also gives a listing of similar videos which you might like.

One can see that the method for finding music recommendations has moved from the small local record store hubs in town, where people would discover through chatting and socializing, to the online arena where huge databases and online communities are today's primary source of new music discovery. Although the modern day method of music recommendation might not have the same charm, it seems that it has the advantage of a far wider scope, which allows us to know a variety of music from all around the world. There are no excuses then for continuing to listen to bad pop music!!on economics pressure leading communal policy to urge growth and innovation. At the peak of the inventory are the real masters of many types of advance. For instance, one of my equipment provider customers retained an extremely knowledgeable consulting source to do particular prototype development task and to facilitate my client innovation to be arranged able.

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Free Piano Videos Online Are Waiting For You

If you absorb information faster with the aid of visuals, then piano videos online are for you. Using these in association with other music learning tools, you can make progress with the keyboard in no time.

A simple search with the phrase "piano videos online," "piano videos" or "piano lessons online" reveals many sites that offer these videos. From the comfort of your home, free personal instruction is available at any time of the day. You have no gas expense driving to a lesson and certainly no wasting of your valuable time fighting traffic to get to a lesson. Just pull up a chair, perform a few mouse clicks, and you are on your way to a valuable learning experience.

What are the benefits of using online piano videos? They afford the opportunity to watch a lesson repeatedly. While there certainly is nothing wrong with having a lesson with an instructor at your side, there is the time factor. With private lessons, you pay a specific price for a specific period of instruction. If you spend a good portion of a lesson going over one certain fundamental repeatedly, that's fine; it's just going to cost you more money. To reach the level of proficiency you desire, you will require more lessons to advance through the required number of learning stages.

This is not so with free piano videos online. You pay nothing and can play them as often as you require. When you're ready to move on to the next fundamental, you do. It doesn't matter how much time you spend on one video because it's free.

Online piano lesson sites offer many lesson choices. You can start with the basics or choose an idiom to study. You can select a site that offers basic blues piano instruction. You may desire lessons devoted only to chords and their variations. Whatever you want, there is a piano video online to fulfill that need.

An online piano video is a great way to develop your musical "ear." You learn to recognize sound patterns as you listen to and play along with your lessons. Combining your reading and aural skills allows you to progress faster in your playing. Developing your "ear" for notes and chords will aid you down the road if you choose to explore the art of improvisation.

When selecting a piano video online, you want a site that offers you a clear picture with a close view of the keyboard. You also want clear audio. Some piano teaching websites display just the performer's hands at the keyboard - with voiceover explaining what they are playing. Others present an instructor in full view talking directly to you. This gives the online piano lesson a personal touch.

It's best to choose sites that offer additional resources to go along with the piano videos. These may be text accompaniment available for printing helpful tips and musical terms. They may also include chord charts and keyboard diagrams, which show chord combinations and finger placement techniques.

Piano videos online have revolutionized personal piano lessons. They are now an indispensable part of the music education landscape. You can use these free piano videos to improve your piano playing now.

Free Podcasts Videos Online

Anyone can easily find free pod casts videos online. There are numerous directories online that can help you find feeds to subscribe to, or you may find a feed that is available from a site you enjoy. After looking through the directories and finding a feed you want to download, subscribe to it using one of the many free pod casting clients available. The pod casting client will automatically download a small file called an RSS file, which stands for Really Simple Syndication. The RSS file tells when there is a new file, in this case a video, to download. Depending on your client, the program will notify you or maybe even download it automatically. Once the file is on your computer, you will be free to listen to it any time it is convenient.

Soon you will be on your way to downloading some of the free pod casting videos available online. Feeds are available that publish on almost every topic, from independent news shows to experimental videos, to scientific information. Some colleges and universities even pod casts their most popular lectures so that students will have a chance to watch and review from the comfort of their computer chair.

With the rise of pod casting, many individuals and organizations are finding that pod casting is a great way to distribute information, from music and comedy shows to talk shows, even pod casts news. C-NET is one of the groups that is distributing a news pod cast. C-NET, being an online technology site, naturally found a niche distributing a tech news related pod casts. C-NET recent pod casts covered such topics as viruses that attack cell phones, problems with Google software, China web restrictions and the Great Firewall of China, and the FTC attack on spyware. These news items were distributed in a sound file called an mp3 file that is downloadable to a listener computer for listening whenever they wish.

While these files were available straight from C-NET site, the majority of them are shared through the use of an RSS file. An RSS file is a small piece of XML coding that is downloadable by programs designed to read it. These programs are called pod cast clients, and the user can input the address of the RSS files that hold the information on the feed. The feed will contain links to the media files of the pod cast, and will download the new updates automatically.

There are many pod cast software programs available to use. Many of them are even free. Because of the decentralized, geek adopted nature of pod casting, a wide variety of programs are available, from large programs with a big footprint that do many different jobs to tiny little software packages that do the bare minimum. A package is available for pod cast subscribers of almost any type, and more are being created everyday.

While some pod cast software is designed for home user computers, much of it is designed to be used online. There are many packages created so that feed subscribers can view and they enjoy from within a web browser. These software packages contain both the feed reader like the home user software does, but usually also incorporate a way to view or listen online from inside the browser. Much of this software is used at the pod casting directories that maintain listings.

There are many online music pod casts RSS feeds to choose from your computer []. For many of the feed producers, is a way to distribute music that otherwise would not be able to reach an audience. These musicians are able to build a following and share their work from outside of a music culture that tends to keep out more niche groups. Because the music industry is oriented towards mass distribution and marketing, musicians and groups that are not believed to command such widespread fan base are kept out of the market.

These musicians may, after growing a fan base who enjoys their music, parlay that popularity into music contracts within the industry. By proving that they can support a passionate audience even with their own meager efforts, a company can sometimes be convinced of the music viability on a larger stage. By proving that the musicians can support a dedicated audience and can keep producing quality work, the group or individual has a better chance of successfully getting a contract while maintaining their independent style.

Watch Hip Hop Videos

Watch hip hop videos about hip hop artists that get down on the floor in their popular music videos featuring their best singles. There are lots of artists nowadays that have their music inclined towards the hip hop genre. Some of them are Justin Timberlake, especially with his latest video with Madonna and even artists like Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys have music videos that feature some of their few hip hop singles. There are literally countless hip hop videos that so many people from all over the world have enjoyed for as long as even before music videos were being produced.

The reason why hip hop sells so much to the wanting audience, especially to the young people, is because they enjoy so much this kind of energetic type of dance and music. People like to see how their favorite artists dance to their own hip hop singles. When hit singles like these come out it's no surprise to see how many hip hop amateurs would want to come up with their own choreography on the beat so they could break it down on the dance floor.

Most hip hop videos now can be seen on the internet through online video streaming, just like any other music video which would also be available in the internet alone with all sorts of videos open for free online streaming. You can watch hip hop videos all day in the comforts of your own computer and watch them as much as you want.

Music Video Clips

Music has always had a great influence on the way people think, behave, and live. Select songs of different genres deeply inspire them to almost completely change their lifestyle. Video clips have captivated the interest of many music admirers. Video clips refer to small-streamed video segments excerpted from larger video formats and files. Video clips are usually about ten to fifteen minutes in length or may be even shorter. They encompass key moments and significant motion capture that moves the masses. Many promising video producers and developers can start out in their careers by making shorter video clips.

A music video clip is a short segment or a video promo derived from a video that accompanies a piece of music like a song. Music video clips are used principally as a marketing device to increase the popularity and sale of music recordings. Music video clips involve different styles of filmmaking, including animation, live action, and documentaries. Music video clips are derived from music videos, recording sessions, music concerts, and promotional videos. One of the most popular forms of music video clips is the ones based on rock concerts. Video clips that show quality guitar and drum skill are common these days. Music video clips are some times based on interviews of music stars on television shows and news channels.

Music video clips appeal to individuals of all age group. Music video clips based on different genres of music captivate people of different liking. Music video clips may sometimes have parental advisory warnings indicating that only certain age groups can view them.

Music video clips are can be availed of from the Internet. Many websites online offer a wide selection of video clips for download. Video clips can be downloaded for free or may require prior payment or subscription.

Common video formats of music video clips are fast-streamed videos, AVI, MOV, WMV, and MPEG. Many popular media players such as Real Video Player and Windows Media Player support these video formats. Modern mobile phones also support the viewing of music video clips.

How to Make a Music Collection

One of my best possessions in life is my music. Owning a music collection is no doubt a beautiful thing. Having personal copies of your favorite blues, folk, music videos and emo songs is reassuring that you hold what you love.

But how do you go about making a personal music collection? It is quiet simple. The best way to go about it is to start early. Buying music is the best way to start your own collection. It is a good idea to always window shop before proceeding with a transaction as original music is a bit costly. It gives you the choice to own as much music as you would like. It affords you with the opportunity to own either blues, folk or indie music. The choice is yours.

Your local music store is a good place to buy music. Check it out from time to time to see what is new. Visit different shops when you have the time just to sample what is available. You might be lucky to get what you like at a very affordable price. When shopping for your collection, make sure that you are dealing with original or authentic music. Take care when the deal is too good, you could be getting fake music of your best music video, alternative or folk songs.

Aim to have what you absolutely love. There is no point of spending a fortune on what you are never going to listen to. The internet is one of the best places to buy music as well. Get what you like online by checking out hundreds of sites that sell music online. You only need to get the details of the album you need right and you are set. Confusing the name of the album or artist by even a letter might get you what you never intended to purchase. It is good to be careful when giving out these details.

Take your time to sample tones of music available for sale online. You might get something you really like. Sampling music from time to time is a good way of enriching your collection. It gives you the opportunity to get songs, music videos, emo or folk songs from other parts of the world that you might really love.

If you are the lucky type, you can own a music collection by inheritance. This is only cool if you share the same taste with the person giving it to you. You can get music as a present or gift which is one way of enhancing your collection as well. However, chances of acquiring your best blues, emo or indie songs in this way are simply astronomical.

Not everyone gets the privilege to buy music to make or add to their collection. All is not lost as you can download your favorite music videos, emo, folk or alternative songs at licensed sites on the internet. This is available at a small fee or no charge at all. However, make sure you do it legally to avoid getting in trouble.

Metal Music Videos Are Usually A Blast From The Past

Even though the primary attributes are highly relevant to the style overall, a number of subgenres exist that concentrate on distinct areas of the heavy metal style.

As a young teenager, my favorite type of music has been heavy metal, and I used to enjoy it when MTV would show heavy metal video clips, as it felt like it was so unusual for that to happen.

More often than not, I would need to go through hours of pop or R&B music videos well before they will show something even remotely heavy, and as soon as it was over, it was back to waiting once again. I do think that all really started to change with one of the best known metal video clips in history, Metallica's One.

In it, a hospital patient has been terribly wounded fighting in a war, but his mind is still functioning as it usually has, and he is basically stuck inside a useless human body. The song is actually based on a novel by Dalton Trumbo known as Johnny Got His Gun, and it is extremely effective.

I believe the video itself actually exhibited what could be done with metal videos as well as opened the doorway for others. It seemed that soon after its launching, MTV progressively started showing a lot more and more such music videos.

One that always stands out in my opinion was the video for Paradise City by Guns N' Roses. I guess the reason for that could be the simpleness of the idea, and the white-colored jacket and pants that Axl Rose is wearing. The video pans around a vacant arena and shows all of the heavy metal band members standing around and cutting up, after which the music starts and the stadium is packed.

Then it gets into the heavier portion of the song when the band starts ripping those hard chords as well as Axl starts head banging, and even though it was probably twenty years ago that I watched the video, I still think about it every now and then.

One of the other heavy metal music videos I liked was Anti-Social from Anthrax, mainly because I liked the song, and I felt like they didn't try to do to a lot in the video, which for me would have taken away from the entire feel of the song. It would have been harder to concentrate on the track if they attempted to make the music video too flashy.

When the MTV program Headbangers Ball was first introduced, I became absolutely delighted, since it was a show devoted entirely to metal videos which I will practically watch one after another. The only problem there was which the show was on late in the evening when it first came out, and my mom and dad would not always allow me stay up and watch it.

Nowadays, I will usually find myself searching for heavy metal music videos online to kind of take me back to a time period when life was a lot less complicated. It's really a blast from the past that sometimes you simply need.

Creating Viral Videos Online

Creating a viral video is the new way to become famous via the internet. If you can create a video that attracts millions of viewers, you can surely cash in on the huge amount of traffic. But how to you accomplish such a thing? How do you know what is going to be the next big hit? Well, in short, you never really know. You have to get an idea of what the public wants to see and then make as many videos that fit similar descriptions. Look around your world, what makes the money? Paparazzi are always hounding celebrities for pictures. For some reason, people love pictures of celebrities doing random things. Posting a video about any famous person is a great start to producing a viral video.

Breaking things seems to also be something people like to see. Don't ask me why, people seem to love seeing things being demolished. Have you ever heard of the phrase, sex sells. Well, the internet is no different. Beautiful girls seem to grab the attention of millions of viewers on a consistent basis. People love music, they love the form of human expression. If you are a decent singer, you should put up a video of your singing. You really have nothing to lose by posting a video of anything you think may be viral. Just keep your expectations in check and you should be fine. If your video is a dud, move onto the next one. If your video rises to the top, start working on more. Creating a viral video on the internet can be a very profitable marketing tactic. Get off your butt and introduce yourself to the world.