How To Create Passive Income By Selling Your Yoga and Fitness Videos Online

Has anyone ever told you that you should sell your yoga or fitness videos online? Selling your own videos may seem like a bit of a daunting process, however if you break it up in separate sequences, you will find that it is not that difficult and can prove to be a viable source of passive income.

The thing that I love the most about selling your videos online is that once the video is created, it can sell thousands of times over. If you are looking for ways to increase your passive income (meaning income that comes in whether you work or not), then this is a fantastic option.

How To Sell Yoga & Fitness Videos Online

Step 1: Film Your Video

Some things to keep in mind while filming your video are the kind of camera you are using (HD is superior of course, but not always necessary or even recommended depending on your editing program), sound quality, background and lighting, voice over (or are you talking to the camera?), what will you be wearing (it is better to take time to choose something you like than have to redo it).

During this phase, it is best to do a few test shots to make sure that you are always in the frame, the sound is working, you like how you look, and the lighting is correct.

Step 2: Edit Your Video

The type of editing software that you use will determine what kinds of effects and transitions you can use to spruce it up. If you are willing to spend several hundred dollars you will definitely have more capabilities, however the editing program that comes with your computer (iMovie or Windows Movie Maker) should be enough to edit your film.

This will probably be the step that takes the longest if you a perfectionist as there are so many things that you can do to make your video interesting (ie. effects, transitions, music, voice over, titles and so on).

One other thing is to pay attention to the type of file you create. I recommend .wmv, which is easy for most people to download & watch.

Step 3: Create Your Online Store

1. The first part to selling your videos in your online store is to have a domain name and website where you can install your store.

2. The second step is to purchase and install shopping cart software onto your website so that you can upload your videos to sell. Looking for shopping cart software that is inexpensive and very easy to get started. Be sure that the software is equipped to sell digital products, as some are exclusively for physical products.

Step 4: Market Your Store & Videos

There are many ways to market yourself for free including:

* Create a blog and install it onto your website as well. Here you can write articles that will create keywords and help you to generate organic traffic.
* Join yoga and fitness forums and tell people about your store.
* Tell your classes. You are likely teaching offline as well, and can make a business card letting people know that if they like your classes they can access you from their own homes as well
* If you are in Canada, search for and contact online yoga resources. Tell them what you are doing, and even offer a free video for their site in exchange for a free listing of your store.

When your store is up and running, send me an email as I would love to check it out and do some yoga from home!

Make Music Beats Online

If you want to make music beats online, then this article is for you. Beat making software has revolutionized the industry and the way beats are made, and now steadily taking over in it's foot steps is software that allows you to make music beats online.

Now when I first heard about this new trend I was a little skeptical until I came across 'Sonic Producer'. As soon as I hit the front page I was shocked. I watched every video in amazement. I couldn't believe that this guy was making music beats online and they were actually professional quality. A lot of the beats that he made sound better than some of beats on the radio.

If you really want to make music beats online and be taken serious, in my opinion, 'Sonic Producer' is the best way to go. They give you an unfair advantage because they even give you step-by-step tutorials, which are taught by an actual respected New York music producer that has survived in the industry for years.

One of the best features about 'Sonic Producer' that some of the more expensive programs don't even have is when you make music beats online, you can convert your beats into mp3s. This way you can export them, download or upload them and even burn them to CD. You can even upload them to sites where you can sell beats. You can also gain massive exposure because they are always having beat contests, which are a good way of getting your name out and your music out in front of others. So if your really serious about and you want to make music beats online, I think you owe it to yourself, as a power move, to check this out.

Download Music MP3 Online - FAQs Concerning Download Sites

While it is great to own a MP3 player, at times, finding sources of music where you can freely download music MP3 online without spending too much money is a big challenge. This is because there are too many sites online that are offering song downloads. Some are free; others are paid either per download or monthly/yearly/lifetime membership.

So before you decide on your choice of download site to download music MP3 online, consider this set of FAQs.

1. Does the site allow you to subscribe for its service rather than paying for per download since it is cheaper that way?

Go for subscription based services as they tend to offer more songs for much lower prices.

2. Are there any usage rights for the music?

Different services have different set of rules and policy. Some allow you to burn the MP3 files onto CDs or transfer them to an MP3 player. Surprisingly, there are some that only allow you to play on your PC. Read their TOS before signing up.

3. Is the search engine reliable and fast?

Again, different music stores run on different search engines. There are excellent ones that are not only easy to navigate but also fast. Make sure that it pulls out a list of songs that you want quickly.

4. Are there enough songs to go around?

Majority of the sites now contain well over a million songs from different labels, and even home made music productions. This is the point where you can compare between the different services. See which offers the most generous package for you to download music MP3 online.

5. Are there many genres available?

Everyone has their favourite music genre though some just develop such intense passion for one over the other. Whatever it is, look carefully and make sure that they offer all genres from Hip Hop, Rap, Classical, Jazz to Pop and more.

6. Is the customer support reliable and available?

This may not matter to you. But what if you face some difficulties trying to figure out how to use their navigation area and desperately need help? It would be great if the customer support is just an email or call away.

These are the 6 FAQs that you need to consider when choosing a site where you can download music MP3 online. Read a detailed review of some of the most popular sites for unlimited music downloads at my entertainment blog for more information.

Download Music MP3 Online - Your Choices

To download music mp3 online is possible, but to orient in the overwhelming number of websites offering the service can be tough. If you have never downloaded mp3 music from the Internet, you need to educate yourself about the common options before you decide to join any site, especially a paid one.

Illegal Free Music Download Websites

You can download music mp3 online free of cost. But well, they are illegal! Apart from that, such sites are often poorly maintained and highly disorganized. They normally operate on peer-to-peer basis, with files being shared among users, therefore, there is no possibility to check and sort out all the illegal, corrupt, incorrect, and virus infected files. The software you need to download in order to use the site's resources frequently plants various spyware and adware in your computer causing its malfunctioning.

Legal Free Music Download Websites

No fee for downloading songs. If the site is really legitimate and strictly observes all copyright laws, it may not have the kind of music you are looking for. For example, it will not have the latest hits as well as some all-time favorites. These sites are good only for less known and off-beat music often posted by the aspiring musicians and singers themselves.

Pay-Per-Download Websites

You can download music mp3 online legally, of high quality, and with full technical support in case any problem arises. The extensive music library includes all the latest hits, and the files are well-organized and easy to find. It is the most expensive music download source on the Internet, as the price is set per song or album and eventually runs up to the cost of an actual CD.

Monthly/Yearly Subscription Websites

Normally, such websites allow you to download music mp3 online without restricting the number of songs as long as your subscription is valid. Good quality and selection, high speeds, easy search, and professional customer support are also provided. 100% legal. DMR (Digital Rights Management), which restricts the ability of the user to transfer the downloaded files to portable players and other computers, as well as burn CDs. In other words, you pay to only listen to the music, and the moment your subscription is expired you lose all downloaded files.

Unlimited Music Download Websites with Lifetime Membership

The best alternative for users who want to download music mp3 online legally, but without spending much. Affordable one-time fee gives you an instant, never-expiring access to the vast music library with the possibility of unlimited downloads. All the downloaded music belongs to you and you are free to transfer it anywhere without the fear of losing it and facing any additional charges whatsoever. As in any successful niche, the scam risk is elevated. There are plenty of fraud websites copied from popular legitimate websites, which offer users to download music mp3 online, but in reality have little, if anything, for their customers.

Embed Music Video Playlists For a Cooler Website

If you have a website that talks about the latest and hippest hits today, you should never leave it with the gossips and updates alone. Instead, put up some music video playlists and make your website livelier and more interesting. You would be able to make all of your visitors to stay at your page for a long time especially if you can include the latest hits video playlists aside from the classic favorites. It would let them watch the music videos one after another without the need even for the smallest effort of lifting their finger.

Embedding the latest hits video playlists would increase your chances of having a new visitor every hour or even every minute. Most of the search engines today prioritize websites that have embedded videos in its results list. This is because many web surfers today prefer to spend their free time watching various music video playlists next to playing different available games online.

And once the visitor saw that you have other more playlists of their favorite band or artists, they would surely spend more time in your page as they watch it from beginning to the end. They would be tempted to watch the next video since it would start automatically. They would just see what's next on the list from the record that you made in your site.

The more visitors that come to your website the bigger are your chances of getting a higher ranking with the search engines. Aside from that, by the time that these search engines see how much time each visitor spend on the pages of your website, your page ranking will be a part of top results in just a week or so.

This would be like gaining more traffic to the site without the need for plug-ins or any program that you can get for a few bucks.

Download Music MP3 Online - Choosing Websites

Because of the rise of the Internet, access to songs, videos, and files is effortless. There are several ways to download music mp3 online but finding the right website to download one is difficult. You need to learn more about the different websites that offers music mp3 download and take precautions especially if you are still new to this.

Downloading Illegal Free Music

You can download music mp3 online from these websites without any fees. But these websites offer songs that are against the law and operates in a person-to-person basis. Users share their files to others, and in some incidents, the files are damaged and infected by viruses. There are cases also in which the computers are infected with spyware and adware from the software being downloaded to access the songs of the site.

Downloading Legal Free Music

Downloading songs from these websites is also free and safe. But because it offers legal music downloads, it follows all copyright laws, therefore containing only a few choices of songs. You will find a hard time looking for the songs you want to download in these websites. Commonly, the songs found here are the unfamiliar ones posted by aspiring musicians to endorse their songs.

Pay-Per-Download Music

You pay for the music that you want to download. You are actually buying the songs. You can have the privilege to download music mp3 online that is of good quality and is authorized. It contains a large collection of songs from all-time favorites to current hits. Songs are well-sorted to make it easier for customers to find their desired songs. Downloading songs from here would cost you much.

Monthly/Yearly Subscription

You need to pay for the subscription fee before you can download music mp3 online. You can download songs limitlessly until your subscription expires. There is also a huge collection of good quality and authorized songs. These websites provides fast downloads, customer support, and is well-organized. Once your subscription expires, you will lose all your downloaded songs. Any transfer of downloaded songs to other computers, CDs, and players is also restricted. You only pay the music to listen to it.

Lifetime Membership

The best offer you can get to download music mp3 online. As you pay the one-time membership subscription, you can access the huge music library and download limitlessly to songs that are legal and cheap. Everything you download is yours and you can freely move your songs to other computers and players. The problem with this is that there are many fake websites trying to imitate genuine ones, and offer customers to do this, and only get the least of the services they paid.